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International Handball Federation

Coaches Symposium
in Kumamoto 2019


30th Nov. to 2nd Dec.2019


Wing Matsubase

Welcome to IHF Coaches Symposium in Kumamoto

IHF will organize an IHF Coaches Symposium during the Women’s World Championship in Kumamoto with JHA (Japanese Handball Association). The 2019 IHF Coaches Symposium in Kumamoto will be held from 30th November to 2nd December. IHF and JHA have set 3 main pillars as follows:

1.Women’s Development System and Coaching for different Age Categories

i. As a guest and expert, we have invited Mr. Paul Landuré from France, who will introduce the French way of development as Keynote Lecture. It is hoped that this will serve as a good case for sustainable high performance in the long term.

ii. We have also invited Mr. Henny Nijboer and Mr. Gino Smit, who will share the Orange Plan developed by Netherlands since 2001.

iii. Talk by a Top Coach in Women’s Handball – Morten Soubak from Denmark. Morten has varied coaching experiences – European, Brazil and Angola.

iv. Talk on the prevention of ACL injury in Women’s’ Handball and role of sports science.

2.Asian Women’s Development

i. Mr. Dietrich Späte who is the chairman of IHF CCM and Member of the IHF Council will give a lecture regarding the “Performance development in Asian youth and junior women's handball”.

ii. Ms. Oh Seong Ok will take a practical session of the Korean way of ‘one against one’. Additionally, there will be two practical sessions on the Japanese Way of ‘attack and defense’.

3.Handball at school in Japan

i. Historical background and future direction

ii. Proposing revised Japanese national curriculum through Handball

We look forward to seeing the Handball families and share knowledge for the future Handball at the Coaches Symposium in Kumamoto.


30th Nov. to 2nd Dec.2019


Wing Matsubase
85 Ono, Matsubase-Cho, Uki-shi, Kumamoto-ken 869-0592
Tel +81 964 32 5555


Paul Landuré, Henny Nijboer, Gino Smit, Morten Soubak, Nemes Roland, Dietrich Späte , Oh Seong Ok, Masamichi Kuriyama, Issei Ogasawara, Yasushi Sato, Junpei Yamashita, Shigeru Yamamoto

General manager

Hajime Fujimoto, Masamichi Kuriyama

Host and contact person of Symposium

Eiko Yamada

Registration Fee

Registration Fee includes
“Transfers (Hotel - > Symposium venue -> Match venue -> Hotel
“Lunch Box x 3
“Simultaneous translation
“T-shirt, etc
“Ticket (Nov.30th,Dec.1st,Dec.2nd)


Suizenji Comfort Hotel “8,500yen/night”
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Lecturers of IHF Coach Symposium in Kumamoto 2019

Paul Landuré (FRA)
IHF Lecturer
IHF Analyst all WC from 2009 till 2019 men-women, WC /OG RIO 2016/ WC 2019
IHF CCM Member
Former French Men’s National Player, Former Head Coach of French National Teams (Youth and Junior- men and women)
Morten Soubak (DEN)
Head Coach of Angolan Women’s National Team
Former Head Coach of Brazilian Women’s National Team
Dietrich Späte (GER)
Chairman IHF CCM and Member of IHF Council
Former Coach of German Men’s National Team
Henny Nijboer (NED)
Author Roadmap Dutch Handball Talents
Member Committee Top Handball, Review Committee Education
Former Coordinator Handball School Talent development in Dutch Handball Federation
Gino Smit (NED)
Teacher and Top Sport-coordinator Sports High School Netherlands
Teacher Education Handball Trainers Netherlands (specialized school handball, children and talents handball)
Former Coach of Dutch Men’s National Team
Oh Seong Ok (KOR)
Head Coach of Korean Women’s Youth National Team
Former Korean Women’s National Player who competed at five Olympics ,1992-2008
Won 1 gold medal, 2 silver medal and 1 bronze medal
Nems Roland (HUN)
IHF Lecturer
EHF Master coach
Former Coach of Japanese Men’s National Team
Masamichi Kuriyama (JPN)
Former Head Coach of Japanese Women’s National Team
Issei Ogasawara (JPN)
Lecturer from Medical committee in Japan Handball Association
Yasushi Sato (JPN)
Lecturer from School-Handball committee in Japan Handball Association
Shigeru Yamamoto (JPN)
Lecturer from School-Handball committee in Japan Handball Association
Junpei Yamashita (JPN)
Lecturer from School-Handball committee in Japan Handball Association

November 2019


Dr. Hassan Moustafa: Official opening(IHF-JHA)



Paul Landuré: “System of sustainable high performance for a long term in France”
-The players' education system (13-22 years old) and the women professional league in FFHB-



Paul Landuré : “French Defense system”




“Match JPNvsARG,RUSvsCHN, SWEvsCOD” @Park Dome Kumamoto

Sunday, 1
December 2019



Morten Soubak: following soon


Dietrich Späte : Performance development in Asian youth and junior women's handball - Proposals for the further development of game understanding and training methodology.



Masamichi Kuriyama: “Japan Way of Open DEF”





Henny Nijboer: “Talent development in the Netherlands”
-Each child is or has a talent: how to organize the best opportunities? -



Henny Nijboer and Gino Smit: “Training at talent center in Netherlands”


“Match ESPvsHUN, KORvsDEN” @Kumamoto Prefectural Gymnasium

December 2019



Oh Seong Ok : “1 against 1 Korean individual skill”


Nemes Roland : “Effective Attack”


Gino Smit : Training at Academy in Netherlands”





Issei Ogasawara: Theory, “Prediction and prevention of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in Handball”
-The biomechanical and psychological challenge in Japan National Handball team. -


Yasushi Sato: Theory, “Accomplishments and challenges in the committee of physical education at school in Japan”
-Creating of teaching materials in the elementary school-


Shigeru Yamamoto and Junpei Yamashita: Theory, “Proposal: Handball at school toward revised Japanese national curriculum”


“Match CODvsJPN, CHNvsSWE” @ Park Dome Kumamoto